Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dear Josey, My girlfriend treats me badly, but I can’t seem to leave…

Dear Toronto Strip Club My girlfriend and I were arguing a lot — she treats me like a slave and I pretty much cry myself to sleep after being with her — and I guess I got sick of her “high maintenance” attitude, because I ended up kissing someone more easy-going and fun. (I know, I’m a jerk.) I do feel bad about “cheating.” My girlfriend took me back but now I realize that was a mistake. Every little thing I do wrong, she brings it up. (She even brings it up when she does something wrong!) As hard as it is, though, after a year-and-a-half together, I cannot live without her. Is it possible to do something about this? Slave to Love Dear Slave, Leave. I know it seems impossible but you have to get out of this obviously extremely unhealthy relationship. She is obviously controlling and hyper critical of you, and while she may not be physically abusing you, she is being psychologically abusive.

You are not a jerk. It makes perfect sense that you would go out and have an affair with someone easy-going and fun when you’re living with constant criticism and obnoxious attitude. What you need to examine is why this kind of psychological abuse works for you one some level. Otherwise, why else would you stay? You need to figure out how to have an actual relationship with someone who is easy going and fun because I’m not sure that you could handle it beyond a fling with someone. On some level, you must not feel like you’re worthy of being treated with respect because a healthy relationship does not consist of the other person putting you down all the time and treating you like a slave, unless of course that’s what your both into and there is mutual consent but that’s a different thing all together. Crying yourself to sleep does not reek of mutual consent to me. I know you may feel like you can’t live without her but you can. The thing about an abusive relationship, be it physical or mental abuse, is that the person in power knows how to manipulate you to make you feel like you can’t live without them. It’s part of the game. But you can. You might want to seek out some counseling to help you get through. You deserve better. Everyone does.
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