Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Are Human Pheromone Products Today's Love Potions

Ever since the beginning of time, mankind has always been fascinated with love potions. So since the discovery of the human pheromone, many laboratories have been marketing synthetic pheromone products as the modern day love potion as pheromones are supposed to be scents that have magical sexual attraction qualities.

So how did this relationship between human pheromone and love potions came about? Well, pheromones are actually a natural chemical compound secreted by insects, animals, and human beings which play an important function in sexual communication. These scents transmit signals about mood, sexual drive and health to the subconscious awareness of the recipient party. The dominant male of a species will produce more of these attractants and by virtue of that attracts more females to mate with. For the lookout only for escort businesses? escort in montreal
More than just being a sexual attractant, pheromones also help animals to mark territories, find mating partners to mate from long distances without actual verbal or visual communication. One such example is that bitches in heat can attract male dogs more than a mile away!

In human beings, the primary male pheromone that attracts women is known as Androstenone. However, unlike animals, the human pheromone is only found in the sweat and is not secreted anywhere else. The funny thing that men do before they go and meet women they like, is that they will first take a shower to unwittingly wash away the natural occurring pheromone in the sweat and then use a cologne unintentionally masking away what is left since the human pheromone is thought to be only detectable by an organ called the Vemeronasal Organ or VNO in the nose. Independent escort is great to suit your needs? escort in toronto
It is for this very reason, scores of laboratories are now producing Androstenone incorporated into masculine fragrances and perfumes, thus enabling the user to apply it to himself at will. Nowadays, you can easily purchase pheromone oil, cologne, perfumes and even pills that are supposed to encourage your body to produce more of its natural pheromones.

Although it is thought that human now secretes too little pheromones to be detected consciously or our detection powers have weakened, many researchers are convinced that our perception of pheromones is still there but on a subconscious level instinctively.

In many experiments, scientists have shown that male human pheromones do trigger off subconscious sexual responses in women. Although natural human pheromones are odorless and are not consciously detectable but because women have a naturally better sense of smell, they can subconsciously pick up male pheromones rather quickly and become instantly sexually attracted to the men emitting the love potion.

At University of Kentucky, researchers discovered that when women are exposed to pictures of men sprayed with male pheromones, they found these men much more attractive than the pictures that were not treated. The researchers then concluded that this phenomenon probably explains why people can often decide as soon as they meet whether they like or dislike the person.

So are human pheromone products the modern day love potions? Try out for yourself and make your own decision. Massage parlor is right for you: erotic massage toronto


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