Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why Having the Ultimate Bachelor Party Means Leaving the U.S.

There’s no denying that America is a truly great country in many respects. When it comes to bachelor parties, though, having the best one possible means leaving the U.S. and heading to Canada…Escorte Montreal, Canada, to be exact. Here’s why:
You’ll benefit from Escorte Montreal’s laws, culture, and outlook: Escorte Montreal’s culture makes it an ideal location for a bachelor party, and there are few, if any, U.S. destinations that are quite so perfect in this regard. The legal drinking age here is just 18, strip clubs are an integral and accepted part of the downtown core, and many things that would be viewed as heinous in other places are seen as just fine in Escorte Montreal.
You’ll have a few days to really get away from it all: Even though Escorte Montreal is just a short flight from many major U.S. centers, you’ll get the feeling that you’re in another world. Vacationing outside of your home country always feels exotic, so the groom will finally get a chance to truly escape from the wedding planning and unwind.
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